Providing quality education in emerging fields to produce knowledgeable and cultured human resource, contributing to the process of national development.


  • Upliftment of rural masses through appropriate education.
  • To empower the socially,economically and educationally marginalized sections of the rural society of the region,
  • To augment a new generation of students for contributing to the future knowledge society


  • To select, acquire, preserve and disseminate relevant and latest information.
  • To Supply the latest information to all specialties in their respective field.
  • To issue and retrieve books and other relevant material on notice boards.
  • To assist users to access information on World Wide Web.
  • To provide information communication transmission service to all user.



  • Students should produce their identity card as and when demanded by the library staff.
  • While entering in the central library or Reading hall Reader must show their I Card to the user tracking computerized system.
  • Keep your belonging at property counter while entering in the library.
  • Student should check the books before issuing. If you find any deficiency show it to the staff & take the signature.
  • Writing / scribbling on or tearing of pages of library books, news papers, periodicals etc, is prohibited & will be liable for strict action.
  • All the books of library must be returned before annual examination.
  • Book Bank facility is available for economically backward students as well as to scholar students.
  • Students must keep silence in the library & reading hall.
  • Duplicate I Card will be issued on extra charge of Rs. 50/-.
  • If the reader is having any suggestion, he / she can directly meet to the Librarian or use suggestion box.
  • The students must return the books within 7 days; however they can return it before the date & take another book.
  • Fine of Rs. 1.00 will be imposed for late return books per day per book.
  • A fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged on late return of books issued on Identity card for reading in reading hall.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the library.

Special Features of Library

Sr.No. Special Feature of Library
1 Book Bank Facility
2 Competitive Examination Book Section
3 KOHA software ,fully computerized online issue and return with barcode facility
4 Web-OPAC
5 Dr.Abdul Kalam Library Section
6 Membership for N-List database
7 Interlibrary Loan Facility With other Sister Institute
8 Internet Facility

Library Advisory Committee

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. J.R.Singar Chairman
2 Dr.V.G.Shinde Member
3 Mr.B.U.Rajdeo Member
4 Miss. M.R.Jejurkar Secretary
5 Prof.A.G.Darandale Secretary

Library Staff

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Telephone Email Photo
1 Mr.Adinath Gopinath Darandale
View Profile
Librarian B.Sc.M.Lib.I.Sc. SET,NET 9730675127/ 8830595700
2 Mr.Mahanand Gopinath Damale Library Attendent B.A. 7822832018 --

Library Hours

Section Day Timing
Central Library Monday To Saturday 9.00 am To 5.00 pm
Reading Hall Monday To Saturday 9.00 am To 5.00 pm
During Exam Period
Central Library Monday To Saturday 9.00 am To 6.00 pm
Reading Hall Monday To Saturday 9.00 am To 6.00 pm

Sections in Library

Sr.No. Name of Section
1 Student Reading
2 Staff Reading
3 Stack
4 E-Library

Library at a Glance

Sr.No. Library Resources Number
1. Total Books 27202
2. Reference Books 5226
3. Text Books 21976
4. Under Graduate Books 10958
5. Post Graduate Books 1552
6. Gifted Books 686
7. Book Purchased Under Research Project 398
8. Book Bank Books 13404
9. Kalam Library Books 204
10. Online Databases
11. DELNET (Full-Text E-Journals, E-Books & E-articles) 1.6 Crore
12. Audio Visual Aids 71
13. Journals & Magazines 16
14. News Papers 08
15 Name of Library Software KOHA
16. Classification Scheme D.C.C.
17. Library User

18. Library User
Library Attendent


Membership Rules

  • Membership will be given to admit students in college after submission of library membership form in library.
  • Library membership for students will be valid for only one academic year, for next academic year need to submit new membership form.
  • All the students and staff shall sign in the gate register at the entrance of library.
  • Deposit your personal belonging at the property counter.
  • Members are not allowed to borrow book on account of another member.
  • Book bank facility will be providing to economically poor and needy students for available sets of book.
  • If book lost, fine shall be charged along with price of book.

Library Services

Sr.No. Name of Service
1. Circulation of Books & Journals.
2. Reference and Referral Service.
3. Reprography
4. Bibliography.
5. Current Awareness Service
6. News Paper Clipping
7. Internet Browsing.
8. Interlibrary Loan.
9. Web OPAC.
10. Book Bank Facility,
11. Audio Visual Aids Facility.
12. Information Literacy Programme
13. User Orientation and awareness
14. Information deployment and notification


Sr.No. Subject Link
1. Marathi
2. Hindi
3. English
4. History
5. Geography
6. Economics
7. Politics
8. Commerce
9. Physics
10. Botany
11. Zoology
12. Mathematics
13. Chemistry
14. M.Sc.
15. M.Com.

E-content uploaded on SPPU, Pune E-Content Repository

Sr.No. Subject E-content
1. English Prof.Susar S.R.- S.Y.B.A. Englsih-G2
Prof.Susar S.R.-Appreciating Drama-2
2. Geography Dr.B.K.Wani - भारतातील आदिवासी जमात : नागा
Dr.B.K.Wani - भारतातील आदिवासी जमात : गोंड
Dr.B.K.Wani - थंड प्रदेशातील मानवी जीवन :एस्किमो
Dr.B.K.Wani - मानवी उत्क्रांतीचे टप्पे
Dr.B.K.Wani- उष्ण प्रदेशातील मानवी जीवन पिग्मी
Dr.B.K.Wani- आपत्ती व्यवस्थापनात शासन स्तरावरील कामे
3. Chemistry Prof. Dr.Gholap S.S.- Carbanion and Their Reactions
Prof.Dr.Gholap S.S.- Mass Spectroscopy M.Sc.
Dr.Kadnor Vijay-Environemtnal and Green Chemistry T.Y.B.Sc.
Prof.Aute D.S.-Quantum Chemistry T.Y.B.Sc.Physical Chemistry
Prof.Aute D.S.-Nuclear Chemistry (Numerical)
Prof.Karle C.S.-Organometallic Chemistry & d Block element
Prof.Karle C.S.-Short Question on Chromatography and Solvent extraction
4. Zoology Dr.A.R.Kurhe – Animal Systematics and Diversity (Study of Scoliodon) Paper-I
5. Physics Prof.Kanhe N.S.-F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-II Electricity & Magnetism Physics-
II PHY-122.Pattern CBCS-2019.Topics 2-Dielectrics,3,
5-Magnetic Properties of Materials, 4-Magnetostatics
Prof.Kanhe N.S.-S.Y.B.Sc.Sem-II Optics Physics II PHY-222.Pattern-2013.
Polarization ,Inference & Diff.
Prof.Kanhe N.S.-S.Y.B.Sc.Sem-II Optics Physics II PHY-222.Pattern-2013.
Polarization ,Inference & Diff.