Skill Development Courses


Institution has started skill development courses along with traditional education sponsored by Maharashtra State Skill Development Society. These courses have been started for students to provide impetus to their hidden potential and to instil the values of self-employment. Revolution in industrialization, globalization has created a lot of jobs, but rural students seem to have lack of skills and confidence. To cope with this competitive environment and to make rural students stand by themselves, with this liberal view these certificate courses has been started.


  • To instil values of self-employment.
  • To enable student to become self-independent.
  • To enrich student knowledge.
  • To enable them to grape employment opportunities at global and local level.

Courses offered:

Course Sector Code Entry qualification Duration Course coordinator Contact
Spoken English and Communication Skills Soft Skills SS102 7th class passed and 14 years 180 hrs. Mr. S.N. Borude Mob. 9422172333
Mulberry Sapling Producer/ Sericulture 101 5th class passed 200 hours Dr. R.S. Tambe Mob. 9850982493

CAN: 2726A99850A001
Govt. Link:

Chief Coordinator:

Mr. A.G. Suryavanshi

Mob. 9960970322