Remedial and Bridge Courses



Remedial teaching is the use of activities, techniques and practices to remove weaknesses that the slow learner is known to have. Remedial teaching is the instructional work carried out to provide remedial measures to help the students to get rid of their common or specific weaknesses.


A bridge course for newly admitted students is conducted every year before the commencement of the first semester. The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between subjects studied at previous level and subjects they would be studying in Graduation. The syllabus for the course is framed in such a way that they get basic knowledge on the subjects which they would be learning through graduation. The teachers monitor the classes through individualized teaching that helps the learners to overcome the difficulties in specific subject areas.


  • To develop academic skills of the students in various subjects.
  • To offer learning activities and practical experiences to students according to their academic background.
  • To raise the level of understanding of students in basic subjects.

A Curriculum is framed separately in each of the subjects, for Bridge and Remedial Courses. During the first week after the commencement of the classes, the bridge course curriculum is delivered to the students in various disciplines. The teachers are established clear and concrete goals for Remedial and Bridge Courses. The teachers provide systematic training to develop students basic skills. Regular monitoring is done by the course teacher.


Sr. No. Department Name of the Course No. of Students Benefited
1 English Communication Skills in English 21
2 Commerce Financial Accountancy 24
3 Chemistry Organic Chemistry 30
4 Inorganic Chemistry 30
5 Physical Chemistry 30
6 Mathematics Basic Concept in Mathematics 12


Sr. No. Department Name of the Course No. of Students Benefited
1 Commerce Basic Accounting 33
2 Chemistry Organic Chemistry 28
3 Inorganic Chemistry 28
4 Physical Chemistry 28
5 Mathematics Review of some Mathematical Concepts 12